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How much does it cost your company if:
  • People are underperforming, or plain under-inspired
  • Staff is stuck in the “process”, but REAL results do not get produced
  • Creativity and initiative are waning; new solutions & ideas do not get created
Imagine the possibility of:
  • Your staff performing at peak state, producing tangible results OR Your staff focused on tangible results that actually get delivered/produced
  • Environment shift from compliance to commitment
  • Your team is resilient and adaptable to change
  • Your organization is flourishing through initiative & innovation
How do we unleash your hidden potential?
  • Stop looking for the 'FIX'
    Every organization is looking for that edge. For improved performance and results. So why do we spend most of our time looking to fix problems? When the more problems we fix - the more we find.
  • Identify what IS working
    What if we were to promote a solutions focus? Build on strengths and successes? Emphasize positive potential? Cultivate engaged employees? Moving them from compliance to commitment. Might that provide the competitive advantage we seek? A new lease on life?
  • Shift approach & perspective
    From problem to possibility - and resolution. More than a turn of phrase. More like a shift of mind and perspective, supported by positive action - creating positive change.
Sound appealing?
Then build it - build the Positive Workplace.

We'll help you create a strengths based, solutions focused environment with engaged, change-ready and resilient individuals - meeting their fullest potential as you reach yours.

The Positive Workplace - a real competitive advantage.

At The Positive Workplace Alliance, we specialize in helping organizations develop and sustain an environment in which individuals, teams and the organization can flourish by applying positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship to both work and workplaces.

To learn how we can help your organization, contact us at (416) 985-5070 or info{at}

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